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GNU/Linux Users teaches computer users the methods and benefits of Free Software, with structured ICT training for newcomers ('newbies'). GLU is a GNU/Linux® User Group, clear about the roles of the Free Software Foundation's GNU Project and General Public License, and of public domain software, in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) environments and in free computer communications' longevity. We are dedicated to new user support.

In challenging times, an ahistorical enthusiasm for just the Linux® and OSS brands leaves all FOSS alternatives - including these two - more isolated and vulnerable in the computer marketplace than they deserve to be. GLU's rationale is to build the BSD/GNU/LNX/OSS user base as quickly, widely, and deeply as possible, so to help guarantee free computing's future.

Computer training with basic programming skill is required to start leaving the risks of "Windows" consumption behind. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) education is the core task undertaken by GLU - cementing the knowledge of free and secure computing.

Here in Canterbury, New Zealand, there is poor recognition of GNU/Linux GNU provenance, as within the "Linux Users Group" CLUG. This is consistent with both the low GNU/Linux takeup in NZ compared to Asia and the rest of the world, and life in what is known as a conservative and somewhat random backwater. It leaves Net users disempowered by anti-'hacker' propaganda, in the interests of the world's greatest software monopoly. In truth, crackers form the online criminal risk, best thwarted by hackers skilled with Unix-like systems.* But no-one has been teaching these traditions.

Work is needed to dispel the myths and stereotypes about hacker culture, and start expanding it for free Internetwork longevity. The commercial dominant has mass media support for proprietising 'the Internet channel' - in the name of post-9/11 consumer security from 'hacking' - but can be publically restrained. Government does nothing to limit loss of freedom, without public pressure. A more proactive, service orientation will help legitimate free software and computing diversity immensely. GLU's role is to accelerate technical innovation, aqap. To achieve this locally, globally, and strongly, the most liberal webmesh is propagated, as GLU.

What GLU

GLU is a free open-source acronym, released gratis & licensed GFDL**. You may adopt and apply GLU as you see fit, in basic agreement with citing this page. Most importantly, we hope you will identify with GLU. There are no active or endorsement criteria beyond common use of the term. It is essential to be honest, and explain that LINUX® is the hardware i/o kernel most often distributed with the GNU computer operating system, alongside BSD elements. The term "Linux operating system" is abbreviation at best, but - too often - harmfully misleading mystification.

GLU is thus needed to decrypt 'the geek code'. We reject the brand name LINUX® in reference to GNU/Linux® , and explain the meaning of "Linux Users" thus: Users using 'Linux' to Use GNU; i.e. discreditably. That is, as difficult as this - like the whole *nix culture - is to deal with, it must be said: a 'Linux-User' is less than honest and a self-interested GNU User. To patch this bug, GLU promote use of GNU/Linux at every opportunity, and "GNU/Linux User" as Linux-Users' more conscienced descriptor. We clarify BSD/GNU/LNX/OSS provenance in doing BSD education too. Welcome.
Where GLU

GLU are everywhere - GLU is geographically non-specific.

BSD-GNU/Linux Users are the bridge between the Unix-like servers linking the Internet and hosting the World Wide Web, and home users faced by increasing security and privacy compromise on "Windows" PC platforms. B-GLU is needed to defend and advance the quality of ICT experience and information flow, for the information age. B-GLU - bonding the Net!

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Free Software Aotearoa association goal - FSANZ
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When GLU - events:

Sydenham GLU Free Software class 7.30-9.30pm, first Wednesday of each month, February to December, at the South Learning Centre, (rear door) South Christchurch Library, 66 Colombo Street, Beckenham: 2009 - 4 February (7), 4 March (6), 1 April (6), 6 May (6), 3 June (8), 1 July (9), 5 Aug, 2 Sept ..

SFD9 Saturday 19 September 2009 Software Freedom Day International Free & Open-Source Software Festival / workshop + Team Christchurch page + online shop + Installfest info + Wellington SFD

Free Culture Club Computer Science & Software Engineering Uni Canterbury mtg 5pm 1st & 3rd Tues Student Hub + Document Freedom Day Weds 26Mar08

SFD8 20 September 2008 (40)
SFD6&7 15-16 September 2007 Feature & digg it chat (80)
SFD5 22 November 2006 Connectivity '06 ICT Smart Future convention (3 SFD registrants)
SFD3&4 16-17 September 2006 Secure Computing workshop (150)
SFD2 10 September 2005 GNU/Linux® training professionals (60)
SFD1 28 August 2004 Avonmore Tertiary Academy & hackstop Computer Security Consultants, global open mentoring (25)

..all adding up to provision of The Anti-Computer Course time liberation!

Richard Stallman GNU Zealand Tour 6-21Aug08
Free Software leader slams NZ copyright "Richard Stallman to rouse opposition on Kiwi tour" By Rob O'Neill computerworld 4Aug08 & Videocast: Richard Stallman in New Zealand "Free software leader addresses copyright at Auckland University" 15Aug08
Hamilton PC Computer Club "Copyright & Society" video

Contact GLU cure; proto/A-GoLUE

* See iStart e-Security e.g. for standard hacker/cracker confusion. *
** License in glu.html source code, GFDL copy here. **
*** LINUX is a registered trademark owned by Linus Torvalds. ***

"We hope that you are one of those for whom right and wrong do matter"
-- Richard M Stallman (RMS), GNU/Linux FAQ, Free Software Foundation.

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