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Canterbury District Health Board CDHB L3 ChasLuneyHouse 250 Oxford Tce & Pandemic Planning "family of four has stockpiled a sack of rice, chick peas, lentils and extra stocks of oatmeal for porridge.. canned tomatoes on hand and packet soup for flavourings. We also have many litres of tap water in plastic bottles filled to the top, capped and stored in a dark place" Forewarned is forearmed
Canterbury Medical Research Foundation CMRF "provides financial assistance for research & research facilities" Christchurch Public Hospital, Riccarton Ave + Canterbury Health Resource 50+ Listings * * * * *
Crown Public Health "delivers public health services in Canterbury (from Kaikoura to the Waitaki River) and the West Coast" 76 Chester Street East & Hauora Matuaraka 242 Manchester St + Ashburton Timaru Greymouth
Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust 133 Tuam St
Christchurch Endodontic Practice "giving you a healthy mouth ..'fixing' ..tooth problems" Milford Chambers 249 Papanui Rd
Arthritis NZ / Foundation "four regions, 22 service centres & local branches & support groups" 15 Washington Way
The Bad Back Shop "Solutions for a healthy back" 303 Colombo St Sydenham
Balance NZ Bipolar Network "support, education & advocacy to anyone affected by bipolar disorder (manic depression) in NZ" Dr Carolyn Doughty POBox13266 Chch
Burwood Academy of Independent Living "for all recovering people, their families, whanau, friends, caregivers & health professionals.. rehabilitation.. continuous learning & education" CDHB & NZ Spinal Trust + Allan Bean Centre ABC research
CACI Clinic "Appearance medicine" 232 Papanui Road
Christchurch College of Holistic Healing New Brighton
Disability Information Service Disabled Persons Centre 314 Worcester St + links
DSC Acupuncture Clinic Barrington Community Health Centre 14-18 Athelstan St Spreydon
Duchenne Dental Services "Injection Moulded Dentures" 5 sites Chch
ExtraCare Roche Diagnostics "Your Healthcare Team" diabetes etc Chch Timaru NZwide
the word from the Family Planning Association FPA 301 Montreal St
The Fertility Centre NZ Centre for Reproductive Medicine Hiatt Chambers 249 Papanui Rd Merivale + Fertility NZ "non profit, consumer based organisation" NZ Infertility Society Ackd
The Haemorrhoid Clinic Paul Fogarty FRCS FRACS 248 Papanui Rd Ph: 961-6666 Fx: 356-0241
Health Cuts Hurt "patient lobby group.. campaigning for an open & democratic health care system for the people of Canterbury"
Health & Fitness Centre 204 Hereford St + Heritage Health Club 28 Cathedral Sq
He Oranga Pounamu "Health & Social Services strategy" Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu 186 Hereford St
Herbal Dispensary cnr Barbadoes 220 Kilmore St
LaserVision "Where seeing is believing" 146 Leinster Rd Merivale
NZ Mens Clinic "healthy relationship" L3 728 Colombo St
Menz Medical Centre "male specific conditions & health problems" 158 Fitzgerald Avenue
MoleTrac "early detection of melanoma" 162 Main North Rd
MyoPace "advanced muscle biofeedback unit" occupational health, Niche Technology 52 Bourne Cres
National Addiction Centre was Alcohol Drugs & Addiction Dept Psychological Medicine Christchurch School of Medicine & Health Sciences POBox4345
NZ Health Trust "Protecting your Future promote education of good health practises & the health options available to all NZers" 2002 Dave Sloan POBox34057 Chch
NZ Nursing Agency Private & Public Hospital work
Pregnancy Counselling Services Freephone 03 3383057
Psychotherapy Online Walter Logeman POBox13543 Chch
Skybright Health "Colloidal Liquids and Creams, homeopathics & liquid herbs" 4 Woodfield Pl Woodend
SCDHB South Canterbury District Health Board Timaru
St George's Hospital "one of the best-equipped private hospitals in Australasia" surgical & maternity 249 Papanui Rd
St John Ambulance dial 111 in accident or emergency
Step Ahead Trust "community based rehabilitation programme.. primarily for people who experience schizophrenia, an affective disorder, or an anxiety disorder"
SureSlim "international weight loss & wellness organisation with over 100 clinics worldwide" 61 Kilmore St + NZ
Timaru Hospital & Community Services
Tonix NZ "Medical Recruitment Agency" 85 Picton Ave Riccarton
Transform Clinic Appearance Medicine Dr Ian S Little 52a Mandeville St Riccarton
Unichem "In sickness and in health" 10 chemists in Chch + Kaiapoi Rangiora Ashburton Timaru etc.
Canterbury Webhealth "online connection to Health & Social Services" all NZ + Community Noticeboard * * * * *

New Zealand
Alcohol Advisory Council of NZ ALAC "to promote moderation in the use of alcohol" + + youth Fuel * * *
Artemis Herbal Medicine "Traditional European Herbalist" 226 High St Dunedin
Body O2 Simulated Altitude Training SAT Ackd
CME Club dept of general practice & primary health care, uni auckland Goodfellow Unit
DermNet NZ "The dermatology resource"
Diagnostic Medlab antibiotic guide & susceptibility etc * * * * *
everybody "Health Information for NZers" MediMedia
Head Injury Society of NZ Wgtn
Health Freedom NZ "Don't lose your right to choose - NZ Govt Moves to Outlaw Vitamins" Ackd * * * * *
Like Minds, Like Mine "Project to Counter Stigma & Discrimination associated with Mental Illness" MOH
Julian Lofts "plastic aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon" Ackd
Male Clinic Nelson, Wgtn & central Nth Is
Mental Health Foundation of NZ MHFNZ + Out of the Blue / Kia Marama "depression awareness campaign" Ackd
Ministry of Health MOH Wgtn +links HealthEd & Cochrane Library * * * * *
NZ Association of Orthodontists "appearance, function, & stability of the teeth & jaws, & a more attractive smile" regional search NZAO
NZ Drug Foundation "independent trust with a national focus on minimising drug-related harm.. includes social & health harms caused by legal drugs, such as tobacco & alcohol, as well as illegal drugs, such as cannabis"
NZ Guidelines Group "to develop common language & expectations regarding best practice clinical guidelines in the health & disability sector"
NZ Health & Travel Information Network Chch + links
NZ Institute of Environmental Health POBox108 Arrowtown
Palm Clinic "Vein Treatment & Appearance Medicine" Ackd
Pursuits 2000 "Health Fitness Attitude" Stadium 2000 Complex Kinross St Blenheim
Sex Therapy NZ "Clinical Psychologist" etc
Smile Week 2004 "Eat well, Drink well, Clean well.."
Tend Skin lotion "for Women and Men after any form of hair removal" Takapuna "Dr Derek Allen.. Indonesia.. work in the third world to help poor people in Vanuatu, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Africa, & Indonesia"
The Vital Companies Vital Care & Vital Edge, Tauranga

Canterbury Senior Care
Anglican Aged Care Bishopspark Churchill Fitzgerald retirement complexes
Beckenham Courts Retirement Village 222 Colombo St Beckenham
Canterbury * * *
Canterbury * * *
Eldernet "information about services" + accomodation search index * * *
Heathbrae House rest home 25 Aynsley Tce Opawa
Ilam Lifecare "newest & most luxurious retirement residence" 28 Ilam Rd
Rhodes on Cashmere "25 bed licensed rest home & Retirement Village of 18 one & two bedroom apartments" 5 Overdale Dr Cashmere was Rhodes Memorial Home
Rose Court Retirement Village 115a Rose St Lower Cashmere

ABC Homeopathy "comprehensive homeopathy store & remedy finder.. from over 64,000 symptoms & 650 remedies"
ACB Radio American Council of the Blind "the Voice of the World's Blind Community"
All About Vision "Guide to LASIK, Contact Lenses, Eye Care & Vision Correction" Virtually Everything in Sight - Access Media Group & Computer Vision Syndrome FAQ CVS + National Eye Institute NEI US + Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York ophthalmology + St Luke's Retina Institute FL + The Schepens Eye Research Institute "Vision.. For The Future ..the largest independent eye research institute in the US.. affiliate of the Harvard Medical School" Fact Sheets Boston + It's Only Natural "Natural Healing Diagnosis & Treatment" Clymer Healing Center "Non-Profit Center for the Investigation & Implementation of God's Healing Gifts" Quakertown PA + Ch.18 "Sight Without Glasses"
Bird Flu bk Michael Greger MD + video * * *
Bones for Life Ruthy Alon "Feldenkrais' approach to somatic learning" + links
British Medical Journal UK BMJ Publishing Group + BestTreatments "the best, most up-to-date medical research, used by doctors everywhere" reg reqd + BMJ Learning "Evidence based learning resources" + BMJ-Updates McMaster Uni Health Info Research Unit * * * * *
British National Formulary "BNF provides UK healthcare professionals with authoritative & practical information on the selection & clinical use of medicines in a clear, concise & accessible manner"
Cochrane Collaboration "a UK registered international charity & the world's leading producer of systematic reviews" Cochrane Library
Partnership for a Drug-Free America Campaign
eMedicine "instant access to the minds of medicine" US
Fluoride Action Network "An international coalition working to end water fluoridation & alert the public to fluoride’s health & environmental risks" + PFPC Science Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children
GPnotebook "online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK & internationally"
Global Family Doctor - Wonca Online World Org of National Colleges, Academies & Academic Assns of General Practitioners/Family Physicians
Health On the Net Foundation HONcode "trustworthy medical documents" NGO Geneva
IDEA2000 "diabetics leading healthy and adventurous lives" US
Intersex Society of North America ISNA DocumentaryNZ TV1 7Apr03
Man Not Included .com "Private fertility - for lesbian couples" controversial, London
Martindale's Health Science Guide dir Medical Calculators On-Line etc * * * "venue where patients & potential donors can meet & communicate" US Aus NZ? "Medical & health info & tools" Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research US
mdBriefCase "Canada's foremost on-line, continuing medical education CME provider" Can * * *
MedHist "guide to history of medicine resources on the Internet" Intute UK
MEDtropolis "The virtual body" + bulk resources, Nashville TN
National Library of Medicine "The world's largest medical library" National Institutes of Health US + MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary * * * * *
NHS England National Health Service UK National electronic Library for Medicines NeLM was DrugInfoZone & Connecting for Health "delivering the National Programme for IT" & fit for travel "travel health info for people travelling abroad from the UK" * * * * *
The Praxis Project "helping communities matter in public policy making" & Health Justice Report Card "toolkit.. for.. community based organizations & public health advocates & practitioners to grade their local or county health systems on race (& some class) related health issues"
Quackwatch "Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, & Intelligent Decisions" + Hallelujah Acres "biblical principles for a natural diet & healthy lifestyle" "Protect yourself, family & community from the killer disease" [defunct] US
Spirit of Women US
Stop Static public safety campaign about refueling risk of burns PEI & API, USA "Global Health Solutions' Website"
World Health Organization SARS news etc

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