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Linux Support & Links
Available in Canterbury
Actrix Wgtn
AkaroaNZ "Akaroa's Own ISP" + E-Web "national service" w/TelstraClear
BayCity Internet & Multimedia & BayCity NZ Broadband Satellite Tech +
Cave Rock Internet L4 88 Division St
Compass tolls & toll-free data fax etc
Diggy "NZ (Chch) Branch of a Multinational Web Development Co" + Training +OSS
E3 "The Hassle Free ISP" high speed nationwide
'Freebie' #1: freenet - cost $0.00 < 200 mins or $14.75 > 200 mins per month
ihug "smart solutions" jobs news links + ltd wireless
ISPNZ nationwide Gore
Lynx Internet Bealey Ave
Orcon Internet Ackd + news etc +OSS
Plain Communications & CyberXpress with NZine ezine & local web search
Quik Internet POBox 10-028 Chch Ackd LA
Slingshot "Flat-Rate Dialup.. $16.95" Ackd
Snap Internet "Your Gateway to the World" merged iNet & NetAccess L4 88 Division St Riccarton 086722222 3702828 + wireless * * *
Telecom Xtra DNS / 156.72 + free broadband modem JetStream "high-speed Internet access" + Xtra Wireless news
TelstraClear DNS / 37.1 & Dialup & High speed Plans + PDQ free modem * * *
Unleash "NZ Colocation, Internet Access, Web Hosting & Business ISP Services" Ackd Wgtn Chch +FOSS
Web Drive "Web Hosting & nz Domains"
WirelessWeb "Wireless Broadband Service Provider, supplying high speed internet to Christchurch & rural Canterbury" Wairarapa Internet Services "providing NZ wide connectivity" + wireless

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Other NZ
CityLink "metropolitan network in Wellington" local Christchurch Internet Exchange CHIX "APE route servers" + Southland & NZwide + Free Peering Project "info on public, neutral Internet Exchanges" in NZ "CityLink, operators of the APE & WIX"
Earthlight Communications 82 Parry St Dunedin +Linux + links
Enternet Online Ltd EOL Tauranga
IGRIN "Northlands ISP"
PlaNet FreeNZ Ackd Linux-friendly * * * * *
REAP-ISP Rural Education Activities Programme Taupo
Tasman Solutions Nelson
Tnet Ackd
Web World Ackd
Wired Country wireless or fibre Franklin & Papakura
Wireless Nation "Broadband for Home Users ..anywhere in NZ" satellite Hmltn

Info 2.0 Aug08 "working together to make NZ a leader in the digital world & to create a prosperous, sustainable & vibrant society - smarter through digital" Community Partnership Fund & Nov08 Broadband Investment Fund Expressions of Interest EOI Application Results for the BIF etc
NZ ISP Map Barry Murphy + Topo Map + links
NZ Internet Connected Organisations search & stats

Saturn Media Mobile Email Campaign Management System Ackd "Partners with NZTE for the release of the official NZ Mobile internet site for the world expo in Japan" cam-scan product barcodes for website info - new sales standard
SMS-Scheduler "broadcast SMS messages.. from your PC" personalized & automated Airquace Technologies Singapore + free demo version
Whirlpool "Australian Broadband News"
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