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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
CGram Software "Complete Business Management Software.. CRM, Payroll & Accounts, Customer Service, Production, Stock Control.."
FreeMercator "Java Point of Sale terminal & back-office"
Freemoney Project "Customer handling, Order Entry, Products, Accounts Receivables & General Ledger"
GnuCash "to track bank accounts, stocks, income & expenses"
Gnumeric spreadsheet GNOME
GtkPizza "Linux PointOfSale Deliveries Reporting WebIntegration"
Konto "Reciept printing program written in Python.. customer & products database"
Ledger "Free General Ledger & Cashbook" Responsive Software ChchNZ "Linux in Retail Industry" news KBarcode links etc
Moneydance® "Personal Finance Manager for Mac, Windows, & Linux"
osCommerce "online shop e-commerce solution" Apache PHP on MySQL database
Quasar "full function, stand-alone business accounting package" point of sale Linux Canada
Semaphore Corp "FREE Internet Resources" Pick etc

CiviCRM "Open Source Solution for the Civic Sector.. constituent relationship management solution" + fuzion "strategic, creative & advocacy skills to help businesses, organisations & communities be more effective in their communications, campaigns & projects" Wgtn
SugarCRM "Commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management" + Sugar Net "gateway for all things Sugar"

Are open source databases for real? Simon Sharwood 17Jun04 Builder AU ***
IBM Cloudscape open-source DB * * *
DataparkSearch Engine "to organize search within a web-site, group of web-sites, intranet or local system" GPL + htdig + Nutch
dBforums "Database design, development & administration"
LAMP "The Open Source Web Platform" + O'Reilly 26Jan01
Metakit "efficient embedded database library" + here
Mini SQL mSQL "light weight relational database management system.. rapid access to your data with very little overhead" + Ember "embedded scripting language suitable for stand-alone, web based, or embedded scripting apps" Hughes Technologies Aus * * * *
MySQL "the world's most popular open source database" server & Documentation & Developer Zone & MySQL Control Center MySQLCC "platform-independent GUI administration client" + PHP/MySQL Tutorial + Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API * * * *
Oracle Corp "The Information Company" & Grid Computing & Novell/RedHat Linux + Oracle and Linux win over NZX NZ Herald 13Jul04 + Oracle Backs Linux with File System Release eweek 11Aug05 ...
Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide Jon' Sisk + B-tree source code Semaphore Corp + MaVerick "Multivalue Database Management System" + Advanced Revelation "application development tools" US UK Aus & OpenInsight + EXPORTR "Advanced Revelation & Revelation G Data Export Software" Financial Solutions
PostgreSQL "the worlds most advanced Open Source database software" PostgreSQL Global Development Group + Command Prompt Inc "PostgreSQL Support" * * * * *
AI Weka Machine Learning Project "computer program to automatically analyse a large body of data & decide what information is most relevant" Uni Waikato GPL + links

Enterprise Resource Planner - ERP
Compiere "Streamline your order processing & Point-of-Sales (POS) customer commerce & care, manage your inventory, automate accounting, provide customer service, manage distribution networks & more" + sourceforge "ERP + CRM"
Fisterra "Open Source ERP" GNOME PostgreSQL Sp
GNU Enterprise GNUe "goal is to develop enterprise-class data-aware applications as Free software"
webERP "multi-currency accounts receivable & payable, multi-location inventory.. bank accounts & general accounting" PHP Logic Works Wgtn-NZ + sourceforge ***

eGroupWare "Enterprise Collaboration" & Sourceforge Project of the Month May04
phpGroupWare "Web-based calendar, todo-list, addressbook, email, news headlines, & a file manager" was Webdistro
Kolab Project "E-Mail, Calendaring, Tasks, Notes & Contacts.. stored on the Kolab server" & Kroupware Project
Open-Xchange "for Red Hat Enterprise 4 (RHEL 4) und for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9)" + SuSE speeds knowledge-worker interaction with Openexchange review 25Jan03 Open-eXCHANGE "Shared Knowledge, Shared Power" + unrelated Open Exchange "Healthy Living & Learning Resources with Events Calendar for the San Francisco Bay Area ..since 1974" mag Berkeley
Structuring Information in Teams open sTeam "environment for creating virtual knowledge spaces" Uni Paderborn De
pdfTeX "Distribution" + Dvips "DVI-to-PostScript Translator" for TeX docs Radical Eye Software Tom Rokicki & TeX Users Group TUG "typography & font design.. TeX typesetting system invented by Donald Knuth" + flpsed "pseudo PostScript editor" converter (needs FLTK) Johannes Hofmann + pdf2ps & pdftops/xpdf + "the print button for e-business.. content-rich PDF output" & pdf PageCatcher

Coccinella "free & open-source cross-platform chat client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people"
FreeMind "Java mind mapping tool" sourceforge
Gantt charts freshmeat listings + GanttProject "plan projects using Gantt charts.. XML file format & can export PNG/JPG images, HTML web pages or PDF documents" sourceforge Fr freshmeat
MrProject "project management app" GNOME Office & here CodeFactory
Planner "tool for planning, scheduling & tracking projects" Imendio GNOME

Agata Report & EIS Tool "cross-platform database reporting tool with graph generation & a query tool like Crystal Reports" SOLIS Brasil
Data Architect "professional database modelling tool" theKompany
Filetab "extremely powerful data retrieval & report writing tool" National Computing Centre UK & CentreLink "Toolkit, documentation & lots more" + PageCatcher

Applixware Product Review linuxgazette Apr97 + Review: Applixware Office 5.0 for Linux CNN Jun00 + linuxcentral + Run Your Office with Applixware Office for Linux manual + FreeBSD
CodeWeavers CrossOver Office "Bringing Windows to Linux" "Microsoft Word to Open Standards"
GNOME Office "Best in class productivity. GO forward ..meta-project.. to coordinate productivity applications" AbiWord WP, Gnumeric SS, Gnome-DB
KOffice "Integrated Office Suite.. for KDE" & KWord, KSpread, KPresenter .. OOo "multi-platform office productivity suite compatible with all major file formats" + Office Productivity Suite Novell + Extensions development basic wiki + Moving to OpenOffice: Batch Converting Legacy Documents Jan06 + Iannz page macros & docs Ian Laurenson NZ + International Grades in Office Technology INGOTs NZ Graham Lauder + Getting rid of the OpenOffice splash screen howto + NeoOffice "for Mac OS X.. OOo" * * * * *
StarOffice "the world's leading office productivity suite on Linux & the Solaris OS, & the leading alternative office suite on Windows"

Word process
AbiWord "free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word"
ajaxWrite "The look, feel, & functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform"
Antiword "MS Word reader for Linux" etc & wvWare was mswordview
KWord "a FrameMaker-like word-processing & desktop publishing app"
SoftMaker "TextMaker for Linux etc"
Word Processors index Todd VerBeek

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LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
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